Greek Folk Music. An Anthology of Tunes vol. I

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«Greek Folk Music» is an educational project that aims to support musicians approaching the wonderful world of Greek folk music. The first volume of the series contains transcriptions of twenty-two instrumental pieces from different areas of Hellenism, both within and outside the borders of modern-day Greece.
These transcriptions are not intended to be executed with a particular instrument and, as far as possible, are suitable for both tempered and non-tempered instruments.
Three different transcriptions are provided for each piece: a tempered transcription in the original key, a tempered and transposed transcription a tone above the original (for the convenience of B-flat instruments) and, finally, a microtonal transcription, which considers the micro-intervals of Greek folk music and the theoretical fundamentals of its modal system. The tempered and microtonal transcriptions also provide recommended chords for accompaniment.
As is obvious in the context of any traditional music, this work is not prescriptive, but descriptive; that is, we don’t propose to show “the” way of performing each piece, but only one of the infinite possibilities.

The Tunes:

Argeitikos (Peloponnese)

Baintouska (Thrace)

Chalai (Asia Minor)

Chasapiko & Sirba (Constantinople)

Foties (Asia Minor)

Fourlana (Eptanese)

Karsilamas (Asia Minor)

Lerikos (Dodecanese)

Mantilatos 1 (Thrace)

Mantilatos 2 (East Thrace)

Mazemenos (Northern Aegean)

Megalos Zakynthinos (Eptanese)

Megaritikos karsilamas (Central Greece)

Ni ke dre (Cyclades)

Pousnitsa (Macedonia)

Roditikos pidichtos (Dodecanese)

Sirba Leru (Dodecanese)

Skopos tou Prasinou (Cyclades)

Ta xyla (Northern Aegean)

Tatavlianos syrtos (Constantinople)

Tenedios (Northern Aegean)

To stiadi (Cyclades)